Slow Grown in Virginia - Farming to heal you, not harm you.
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Slow Grown in Virginia is focused on providing high-quality food and health products, locally grown the natural way.  We are located at Spring Hill Farm in rural Caroline County, between Richmond and Fredericksburg.  We produce delicious, healthful pasture-raised pork, poultry & eggsproduce, bath & body care, and herbal teas. We welcome anyone seeking healthy, slow grown foods to stop by! 
Is our produce organic? We have chosen to forgo the USDA’s organic certification process and invite you to meet and trust us, the farmers, that our produce is grown using ecologically and socially responsible methods. Once grown and harvested, our produce is washed with the farm’s own crystal-clean deep-spring water, arriving still alive to your hands often only hours after harvest.  Our line of bath & body items are all made from naturally grown ingredients and, just like our produce and meat, contain no synthetic ingredients, including the fragrances- safe for your body and the environment! 

Our produce and products are available direct from the farm, as well as several local farm markets.  We invite you to jump further into rebuilding the direct farm-to-consumer relationship by joining our CSA or direct co-op programs.

We are now taking reservations for 2015 for summer and fall.   Thank you to all our returning customers, and welcome aboard to all our new ones! 

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